My story in 360 words

I discovered my love for making videos in 2011. I was studying Economics at university, when a camera just fell in my lap. From that moment on, I secretly started spending days and nights on Vimeo. I have been emailing any filmmaker who inspired me for a year, day after day, for a year. I spent a significant part of my life with Google Translator, sending tons of terrible English sentences all over the world. Meanwhile, people around me started to be worried about me and my dead-end path. Against all odds, I dropped out of university in order to pursue my dream, self-taught.

A year later, I spent all my money to buy a used GH2, old lenses and a round-trip flight to Iceland... Today I can say... It was the best decision of my life. Right after publishing my 1st short film "Dream | The myth of life", I had the opportunity to edit some trailers at the CineSummit, the world's largest free online event for filmmakers. I've always been interested in looking behind the scenes of Masters' works, so for me it was a transformational experience.

In 2015 I released my 2nd short film "Journey into sound". Vimeo's most Staff Picked creator Matty Brown said: "Whenever I need some deep seed emotions for inspiration I come watch this piece." For a couple of years, I’ve dived into web marketing, building funnels. «What the hell has that to do with videos?» - you may think. From that chapter I've learnt that powerful, creative ideas can overcome problems that apparently can't be technically solved.

In 2017 I picked up the camera again. My latest PSA "My name is ALS", co-directed with talented Francesco Termini, has been made for the ongoing fundraising campaign #iostoconpaolo and will be launched on National TV in the next months. I create videos around original ideas. That's why today I am an artist's filmmaker. I constantly put myself out there... every day a discovery. Currently I collaborate with visionary sculptor JAGO - a mentor to me - , with Mongolian "Female Singer of the Year" Úyanga Bold and with Swedish producer Max Philipson. I love highlighting value.