My approach

Whenever I approach a new task, I ask myself: «What value can I add to this project?» Creating and experimenting in different conditions is what drives me forward: it makes me feel alive. I'm very open to listening to people's stories; a detail can become the key to open a door. For this reason, communicating is very important for me.

My iceberg model

What inspires me

I like thinking outside the box, I love challenges.
«Good photographers master their settings. Great photographers understand how to compose their shots. The best photographers find their own ways, or 'paths,' to reveal their subject's true nature.» - Michael Freeman


Less is more, which also translates into lower production costs. I have been a tech-geek in the past, and I still enjoy it, but now I concentrate much more on narration, spontaneity and expressiveness. Let's put it in a provocative way: astonishing videos can come out of a smartphone, and you wouldn't believe.