A journey inside the human being, through the profound vibrations of the most resonant instrument in the world. 

A story within the story, the existential path of man towards the re-discovery of his own uniqueness.
A path to remember that we are and have always been integral part of that primordial essence which is present in every thing.

► Directed / Shot / Edited by: Matteo Sacher
► Camera: GH2 + Möller Anamorphot 30/2x
► Settings: 'Driftwood moon T7/T8'
► Locations: Sella Nevea, Cave del Predil, Fusine - Italy
► Actors: Filippo Fumato, Cristina Pertoldi
► Music: Tony Anderson - "Ember"
► Voice: Andrea Casasola
► Sound: Francesco Murtas